About us

Welcome to Aroma Arabia

We are a premium online shop in Cyprus in Cyprus for 100% authentic Arabic fragrances. Our online store boasts an exquisite collection of scents that encapsulate the rich, aromatic traditions of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.


Our Products

We proudly provide the finest Arabic fragrances from leading Middle Eastern brands such as Lattafa, Alhambra, Afnan, Armaf, and more. Our catalog also features perfumes from renowned brands inspired by world-famous fragrances. We guarantee that all our fragrances are authentic and sourced directly from the original manufacturers.


Our Business Model

As a fully online business, we have no physical stores, which allows us to cut unnecessary expenses. This strategy lets us offer you the best perfumes at the most competitive prices.

In today's fast-paced world, we understand the convenience of online shopping over visiting physical stores. However, we acknowledge that selecting perfumes online can be challenging for some customers who prefer to test fragrances before buying. To address this, we provide a dedicated collection of decant samples available for purchase.

All our decant samples are directly sourced from the original bottles, providing you with an exact match of what you would experience with full-sized perfumes. You can conveniently order samples from our extensive range of perfume collections.


Our Passion

At Aroma Arabia, our passion is perfume. Our carefully curated selection offers a diverse range of fragrances, from the deeply resonant oud to the light, sweet notes of rose and jasmine. Each perfume tells a story, intertwining tradition and modernity, revealing new layers with each wear.


Shop With Us

Discover a world of exotic scents with our online store. Shopping with us is not only easy and secure but also ensures fast delivery across Cyprus and beyond. We take immense pride in our customer service, always striving to provide a seamless shopping experience.


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